Mental Health services

The mental health services we provide vary from crisis support drop-in centres to supported accommodation which is tailored the needs of the client. 

Our mental health crisis intervention service provides telephone and face to face support during evenings and weekends to people experiencing a mental health crisis. We aim to reduce hospital admissions by being the first line of support.

Our intensive mental health accommodation provides a service for those stepping down from residential mental health placements or clients who have mental-ill health and require more intensive accommodation support settings to prevent admissions to hospital. Our staff work closely with the adult mental health team and our aim is to support people to gain life skills, achieve routine and structure, to maintain wellbeing and to see longer-term accommodation.

Our mental health move-on service provides dispersed accommodation to people who have enduring mental health conditions. Our staff team visit each property daily and support clients to maintain their recovery goals and to seek longer-term accommodation. The properties are a mixture of self-contained flats, and shared houses

We aim to provide support to empower clients so they can become more independent.  We support them to manage a tenancy, keep them safe and prepare them for moving on to lower level support and / or independent accommodation. 

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