We’ll distribute your donated items

Donate your items here

One Community Shop
Fareham Shopping Centre
West Street
PO16 0PQ

The following items are urgently needed:

Sleeping bags (not duvets or blankets)
Flasks / Thermos /Lunchboxes
Pot noodles or food you can make with hot water i.e. porridge, soups
Proper cutlery and travel cutlery

Clothing (male and female)
Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Socks, Underwear
Warm coats / Waterproof coats
Shoes – particularly trainers in all sizes
Thermal t-shirts
Thermal long johns
Wash bags

Thermo blankets (fold up to pocket size)
Toiletries – Toothbrush, Deodorants body spray etc
Rucksacks / holdalls
Hand warmers
Torches – battery or wind up


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Please donate and help us provide support to those who need it most


Will pay for toiletries, socks and towels for clients arriving in our services



Would pay for college equipment or interview clothing for our clients


Will pay for a move on pack for clients ready to return to independent living