When we first met Sonia she’d been sleeping rough for three years and was struggling with addiction issues.  She had accessed housing in the past but all previous tenancies had quickly ended in eviction.  Sonia couldn’t look after herself properly but had such a deep distrust of services she wouldn’t let anyone help her and due to her vulnerable nature she was a target for abuse.

We worked daily with Sonia to slowly build her trust and confidence.  We gave her an emergency bed and provided targeted, intensive support every day.  Within three months we were able to house Sonia in a one bedroom flat.  She did not have to meet any specific ‘conditions’ such as addressing her addictions and was given a tenancy agreement similar to what would be expected of any other council tenant. This is part of our ‘Housing First’ scheme – a project that is led by the needs of each individual client.  For Sonia this meant offering time, patience and a non-judgemental approach to help her step by step to get back on her feet again.

Sonia’s self confidence has soared in the ten months since she’s had her own home. With daily support and encouragement she had become financially independent and able to budget and pay her bills.  She cooks herself meals, has her own bank account and is even learning how to use a computer.  She has also reconciled with her grandchildren and sister and sought help to address her addiction issues.

“If it wasn’t for the help I received I would not be where I am today so I’m very grateful to Two Saints” Sonia

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