“It’s remarkable what some understanding, help and support can do to a life” …

“Years of heavy drinking were taking their toll.  I was suffering physically, mentally and emotionally and after a two-week drinking binge I ended up in a hospital on a chemical detox.  I felt isolated and confused. Just how had I got to this state? That’s when I first met Kevin from Two Saints.  He explained how Two Saints could help me access accommodation and benefits and support me get back on my feet again.

I’d lost my job and didn’t know where to turn but he reassured me that I just needed to concentrate on getting well again.  I stopped drinking and managed to get a job, but I didn’t address my underlying drinking issues and soon ended up in hospital again after a dreadful binge.  I felt very vulnerable so it was a huge relief to see Kevin’s friendly face again when he turned up towards the end of my detox.

This time I took Kevin’s advice and decided to change my life for good. I asked for help to tackle my drinking problem and my doctor signed me off work for six months.  Kevin helped me move into supported housing which gave me the space and time to access different treatments and support organisations.

I was so fortunate to benefit from a peer led recovery organisation called P.U.S.H. in Portsmouth.  Its ethos of empowering people through peer support education and training really struck a chord with me.  I learned to take responsibility for my actions so I could change my life for the better.  Just seven months later and I feel like a new man!

I’m enjoying my sobriety and instead of drinking I’m putting my energies into training and helping others.

I’m undertaking a 12 month accredited course to become a volunteer peer recovery broker. I’m treasurer of “First Act” Recovery Saturday group and was recently voted new chairman of P.U.S.H.

I can now see a positive future ahead without drinking and it’s all down to Two Saints. I’m enjoying my training and spending quality time with my 80 year-old mum”