When we first met Julia she was feeling extremely isolated and suffering from depression and low self-esteem. Although she was living independently, she spent a lot of time at home and her self-anxiety and loneliness were leading to alcoholism. Initially she was too nervous to go out so we visited Julia at home to offer advice and support.

Gradually we worked with Julia to build her self-belief so she could sustain her tenancy and start looking forward to a brighter future. After successfully encouraging her to join regular activities at the Wellbeing Centre in Eastleigh we looked for a volunteering opportunity to boost her self-confidence (and improve her CV) so she could start to feel better about herself and her future. Thanks to her new found confidence and skills, Julia managed to secure paid work at the local leisure centre where she is now employed as a cleaner. We continue to offer ongoing support to Julia.

“I’m so happy with the way my life has improved and I feel motivated and positive about the future. I’m finally doing something meaningful with my life. My depression has lifted and I no longer drink. I’m so grateful for the support from Two Saints”.

Our Eastleigh drop in service provides support and advice for anyone with housing or benefits issues. The facility is open five days a week and staff are on hand to provide support or referrals as needed. This can range from arranging emergency accommodation to help applying for benefits or completing job applications.