We provide a range of services and support networks to help people who are homeless in Fareham and Gosport, turn their lives around.

webcookingOffering a bed for the night is just the first step on the long road to helping somebody embark on a new life away from homelessness. As a result we do so much more than offer safe, secure accommodation.

We provide help and support every step of the way to ensure our clients move towards finding a home of their own. We also work to prevent homelessness by supporting people who already live in their own home, to maintain their independence. This support can take many forms and often includes advice on how to contact specialist agencies.

Our core services in Fareham and Gosport include

  • An 18 room homeless hostel in Fareham offering varying levels of support
  • A 10 room community resettlement and life skills hostel in Fareham
  • A 9 room housing support and substance misuse hostel in Fareham
  • Single homeless move on service in Fareham
  • A sublet floating support service in Fareham
  • Drop in sessions in Fareham and Gosport offering free advice
  • Floating support in Gosport

Drop in sessions



Our drop in sessions offer free advice and support to individuals, couples and families in Gosport and Fareham areas with:

  • Housing issues including homeless prevention, managing eviction notice, resettlement and sourcing accommodation
  • Mental health, learning and physical disabilities, drug and alcohol and dual diagnosis
  • Budgeting, debt management and claiming benefits
  • Inclusion in the community (education, training and employment)
  • Offending history and chaotic lifestyle

Support Workers

Our staff are dedicated to ensuring that every client has the best possible chance to succeed. However, achieving an independent lifestyle is a challenge for many, which is why we work so hard to provide ongoing support to help clients every step of the way. We deliver individual, tailored support plans to ensure we achieve the best possible long term solutions for each individual.

Our range of support, advice and help includes:

  • Advice on resources to housing
  • Help with filling in forms and claiming benefits
  • Help and advice with managing money and paying bills
  • Overcoming problems
  • Access to specialist services including medical advice or addictions counselling
  • Connecting with local self help groups

Learning Services

We are committed to helping clients take control of their lives.  As well as providing a bed and a range of support networks, we encourage clients to develop their skills and self confidence to help set them back on the path back to a normal and settled life. We offer many free learning services ranging from basic literacy to job hunting sessions and cooking on a budget.

Our dedicated learning services are built around the needs of our clients and also cover important topics such as managing household budgets, CV building workshops, computer skills, sustaining a tenancy and literacy and numeracy skills.

Contact information

101 Gosport Road, Fareham

Our Hostel at 101 Gosport Road, Fareham is an 18 room direct access hostel, with shared facilities and full-board catered service. There is 24-hour support on site and all clients are supported by a Support Worker for the duration of any stay.

101 Gosport Road



PO16 0PZ (map)

Telephone: 01329 281995

Fax 01329 288449

Prevention Early Intervention Resettlement Service

Our PEIRS service in Gosport, provides support and advice on housing issues.

Two Saints, 51 Forton Road



PO12 4TD

Telephone: 023 92 511 062

Fax: 023 92 602 180

Acton Lodge, Fareham

Our hostel at Acton Lodge, Fareham, is a 10 room supported housing move on hostel. All clients are supported by a Support Worker for the duration of any stay.

Telephone: 01329 825136

Kings Road, Fareham

Our Hostel in Kings Road, Fareham, is a 9 room resettlement and substance misuse hostel. All clients are supported by a Support Worker for the duration of any stay.

Telephone: 01329 823313

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