Edd was only 19 when he was referred to us in February last year, and his story is a familiar one. 

His home life was troubled because his relationship with his mum and her boyfriend had broken down. He’d given up going to school at 13 and was at risk of becoming homeless. 

He was young, angry, sad, unfocused and without many of the skills he would need to live an independent life. 

After being referred to us by Havant Borough Council we decided, with him, the initial approach should be a placement at our preventative early intervention (PEIRS) programme in Havant. 

But it didn’t start well. 

Edd struggled through the one year and two months of the tenancy. He didn’t engage well with our staff or the other residents. But still we kept on trying to reach him. 

Adrian Davis, a support worker at the scheme, particularly persevered with him, setting up a seemingly endless number of one-to-one meetings helping to build trust and understanding. 

With an opening door, Adrian could give Edd advice on housing and benefits and help him start thinking of life beyond Havant. 

Through our established relationship with Portsmouth City Council, Adrian could organise a move to one of our next-step homes not far from Havant, on assured shorthold tenancy (AST) terms. 

Edd had growing but still fragile confidence and liked the idea of having the support team not far away. 

In April this year, he moved into a one-bedroom flat and committed to keep working with us for a further year.  If Edd could show he would be good tenant, after the year, the tenancy would be transferred from us back to the city council and he would become a standard tenant.  

Amazingly, since moving in, Edd has grasped the opportunity with both hands and the signs of success are looking very promising. 

He’s already completely redecorated the place in bright white paint to make it smart and stylish. He had some help from us to buy a cooker and fridge and is using both to cook for himself. He is now looking for more furniture to make the place look more homely and is successfully paying all the bills.