Last year, we supported more than 1600 people to stay in their own homes. Last year, we supported more than 1600 people to stay in their own homes.

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Dene Court, Andover

Our Hostel at Dene Court, Andover, is a 18 room direct access hostel, with shared facilities and full-board catered service. There is 24-hour support on site and all clients are supported by a Key Worker for the duration of any stay.

Our staff are dedicated to ensuring that every client has the best possible chance to succeed. However, achieving an independent lifestyle is a challenge for many, which is why we work so hard to provide ongoing support to help clients every step of the way. We deliver individual, tailored support plans to ensure we achieve the best possible long term solutions for each individual.

 Our range of support, advice and help includes:

  • Advice on resources to housing
  • Help with filling in forms and claiming benefits
  • Help and advice with managing money and paying bills
  • Overcoming problems
  • Access to specialist services including medical advice or addictions counselling
  • Connecting with local self help groups

Learning Services

We are committed to helping clients take control of their lives. As well as providing a bed and a range of support networks, we encourage clients to develop their skills and self confidence to help set them back on the path back to a normal and settled life. We offer many free learning services ranging from basic literacy to job hunting sessions and cooking on a budget.

Our dedicated learning services are built around the needs of our clients and also cover important topics such as managing household budgets, CV building workshops, computer skills, sustaining a tenancy and literacy and numeracy skills.

Dene Court, 2 Dene Road
SP10 2RN (map)

Telephone: 01264 359 959

Fax 01264 351 541

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Name: Melissa Chapman

Job Title: Contracts & Performance Manager


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    We provided 4862 nights of emergency accommodation in 2013/14



    The number of people we supported to stay in their own homes last year



    The number of people we helped to gain a formal qualification last year



    The number of people who used our day centre in Southampton last year